Are you aware Nova Scotia is trying pass legislation that will impact all Land owners, businesses, etc?

This Bill will have sweeping powers over all types of land in Nova Scotia.  Please read the Bill below at this link and watch Kim's video on Facebook.

You can read the bill here

Please listen to Kim Masland on Facebook about this bill click here

It is very important that all Nova Scotians speak out about this bill and voice your concerns. If you live outside of NS and have business interests, or are a land owner in the province of NS please submit your concerns. You do not have to be land owner for this to affect you so please speak up.

Please note once you submit this form it is automatically sent to all MLA's in Nova Scotia and the Premiers' Office.  

Please call this number to add your name to the list to voice opinion. The number is 902-424-8941.

Please share this form to others so we can reach all land owners in Nova Scotia.


Location (for your local MLA)
Do you support NS Bill No. 4 Biodiversity Act? Comments/Concerns etc.

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