This site is for believers in Jesus

Jesus is the name above all names, Jesus is my Lord and Savior and my name is Chuck Zwicker and I would like to connect ‘The Body’ the church of believers all across Canada and at the local level. This site is only a means to do that and should not be used as a substitute church. We must meet and not forsake the assembly of ourselves. We must operate in the power and authority of the Lord Jesus.

Are you looking to connect with other believers in your local area? This site is designed for Canadians.

Are you looking for real bible believing followers of the Lord, so are we.

Please make sure you use correct location and email as this is how you will be contacted, this site is just a directory not a social network, so all contact will be done via your own email outside of the network.

You will be searched via your location that you use so be sure to use correct area. If your worried about privacy be discreet but keep in mind there is no such thing as a clandestine Christian.

Your information is only visible to others who are site members and you can change it as you please. Keep in mind that this is not a social network. So please take the time to do your profile as that is the only thing others will see about you.

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