We need to pray for our RCMP/Police officers they are under great pressure and are getting bombarded from all sides.

Lord Jesus we lift up all our RCMP/Police officers to you and their families.
We ask you to protect them and watch over them and guide them.
We ask you Lord to remind them of why they became a police officer.
Give them courage, wisdom and understanding.
The rights and freedoms in this country we have all shared and enjoyed in part because these brave officers have upheld them in the past, even when we may not have all agreed.
Please Lord open their eyes and help them to understand.
Show them the way and lead them in your path of righteousness.
Guide their steps and speak to their hearts.
Show them that without freedom there is no Canada to defend.
They are the keepers of Peace.

We ask this prayer in the Name of Jesus

Will the Church please join me in a big, Amen!

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