I think it is time we have a real discussion on this topic and answer the hard questions. This question will not be asked on most other sites or mainstream media and we cannot even ask the question on social media as we all know why.

How have the Covid-19 mandated measures effected you or your family?

It needs to be in the public domain where everyone can have access, many have opted out of social media.

Are Covid-19 related mandates such as Isolation, Emergency Orders, Schools, Lock-downs, Masking, etc causing more harm than good? Or, are they justified?

One thought on “Are the Covid-19 measures and mandates causing more harm than good or are they justified?”
  1. Between 94% of reported covid 19 deaths being actually caused by pre existing xonditions, a survivability rate of well over 99% and the massive harm the measures are scientifically proven to cause, i would say this madness must stop

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