Calling all Pastors and church leaders please join me in this prayer.

We have failed you almighty God

We have cowered in fear when we should have been a light to the world.

We closed our churches and severed your people from the word of God.

We told the world that Jesus was not essential by our actions.

We have not emulated your requirements as a church leader or as a representative of Jesus.

We have denied the faith and your Son by our actions, oh Lord.

We have allowed ourselves to be overcome with fear and not the love of Jesus.

We have only thought of ourselves Lord and not how this would affect our congregations or the community at large.

We have not adhered or done as your word commands us to do and we allowed ourselves to operate in fear. 

We walked not as the light of the world, we covered our candle and hid our light and now the evil one can walk unhindered.

We have not acted as leaders, we are not worthy of your great calling that has been placed upon us.

We have done evil in your sight!

We humble ourselves before you Lord and ask you to forgive us.

We ask you to heal us and teach us what courage, faith and standing on the Word of God mean.

We ask you to remove the fear from us and nail it to the cross.

We ask that you raise us up and heal us.

Please forgive us Lord Jesus.

Help me Lord to arise and be the pastor (or leader) I am, give me the courage to open my church and declare that Jesus is essential.

We are the light of the world, Lord, help us to shine that light and stop this gross darkness that has overtaken our land.  

The Word of God must not be allowed to be locked-down, mandated, nor infringed upon and it is our great responsibility by the Grace of God to ensure that does not happen.

We need you Lord Jesus now more than ever.

In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen!

4 thoughts on “Calling the church to repentance (Pastors & Church leaders)”
    1. Yes. They are ruled currently by 501c3’s or are Non-Profits. That is why you will not find Prophets there. They are cowering to the rules. And the government is laughing at them. I wonder if they have had to apply for CEWS ( Canada Emergency Wage Supplement) . Just to sing in masks and enforce 6 feet social distancing in Church.

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