Have you noticed that the brown shirts are back? I do not use this term lightly either but I am willing to suspect that most of the ‘brown shirts’ had no idea they were ‘brown shirts’ at that time, let alone comprehend how they were being propagandized into helping and assisting a mass murder’s rise to power.  If you are unaware of who the ‘brown shirts’ were then I suggest it’s time to do some research.   This post is not meant to be a reprimand toward anyone, but it is an appeal to your common sense.

For many of us who do not wear a mask, or adhere to social distance edicts, or question the validity of why we are in a state of emergency, let’s be honest – we are not gaining any friends or fame by doing this. We are often the subject of ridicule, social shaming, and even disownment from our family. We are certainly not getting rich either. In fact, we would much prefer to live our lives in peace.  So why are we taking this stand? Unless you have experienced an awakening it is like trying to explain a sunset to a blind man. We do it because we know it is the truth and our freedom is at a crossroads. We are screaming at the mob of blind people walking towards a cliff, and we are desperately trying to warn them of the impending doom. If you found out your 12 year old child was doing drugs, what would you do? Wouldn’t you tell them about the dangers they face and do everything in your power to stop them? Or, would you just assume that it’s all a “conspiracy theory” and these drugs really won’t harm them, so what’s the big deal?  After all, doctors prescribe drugs every day and if they were bad for you they would say so, right? So you have nothing to worry about, Mom!

I really do not want to be the only one in the concentration camp who had the moral courage to tell everyone, “I told you so”.  I would find no joy in that.

I used to wonder how Hitler could have been so successful at what he inflicted on Germany and how he had others carry it out with such precision.  But after what I have already witnessed this year with our government’s coronavirus measures and the general public’s compliant response, it is really not that hard to understand any more. 

My message to the people who believe the narrative that the government is protecting you from Covid-19 is this:  you have been lied to and they have instilled fear in you.  Being filled with fear impairs a person’s judgement and makes them easier to manipulate.

The good news is that God provides you with an antidote to fear, which is his love. In fact, his perfect love “drives out fear” from your heart and mind, as his apostle John was inspired to write long ago.  You may not believe in God yet, but when you confess your sins to the Lord Jesus and accept his forgiveness and love, then “you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” 

Please, let’s do our part to not be ruled by fear and to not make the same mistakes from the past that wreaked such havoc on humanity.  Let us review the clear lessons of history, and let’s spread the message of love and truth and hope for a better future.

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