You have created a Nova Scotia that is completely divided.

Your mandates on mask wearing have given many in society the entitlement to feel they can socially shame others who cannot wear them.

Children are contemplating suicide at higher rates then ever before.

Depression and anxiety are at its highest, with limited services.

Some small business have either closed up or going bankrupt soon, as many of them are barley hanging on.

What should we say or do to encourage the parents of children who want to commit suicide?

The Premier and all the Nova Scotia MLAs were emailed on this, we await your reply.

One thought on “I would like to congratulate the Premier and all the MLAs here in NS on a job well done.”
  1. This is all just a mess.We really have to make every Canadian Aware.And put them all in jail starting with the evistHe men Trudope, Soros, Gates ,there are so many it’s insane.Take Trudope out first.We all need to see that between the treason,lying cheating,sexual predictor.

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